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The perfect handmade wedding rings...


The perfect handmade wedding rings...

Cathy Sutherland

Wedding and engagement ring commissions are always really lovely to do because you know you’re making something that I so special to the couple- something they will wear every day, it will be treasured and most likely be a family heirloom. It is also great to get to meet different people, get to know them during the design process and help to create exactly what they had envisaged.

The design process can sometimes be really quick, when a couple know exactly what they want. In other cases I do stages of sketches and designs, mixing and matching different shaped bands to different shapes of stones and working out the right combination for them.

Below you can see some sketched ideas, including sapphires and diamonds in the engagement ring design. I would then go on to work out how the wedding ring would sit beneath it.

The image above shows a silver model of an engagement ring design, using some paper to show how big the diamond is and where it will sit!

This engagement ring is 18ct white gold with a princess cut diamond. The wedding ring was made to fit around the diamond. I loved making these rings as they were for a friend, making them extra special! 

Below you can see the finished ring, a photo of the engagement and wedding ring together and an image of the collection including the groom's wedding ring, which was made from 18ct yellow gold and had the wedding date engraved on the inside...